🎫 Can I get a Check-MIG for Colombia on site?

NoHowever, it is not possible to obtain the document on arrival, as it must be completed at least 1 hour before departure.

⏱ When should I apply for a Check-MIG for Colombia?

The Check-MIG request must be made at least 5 days before your scheduled arrival date in Colombia. You will receive the document within 72 hours of your trip. The same applies to your return flight to your country of residence.

🚸 Does Colombia's Check-MIG also apply to minors?

Check-MIG also applies to minors. Minors must have their own passport and apply in their own name.

🧒 Do I need to apply for an exit permit for my child?

If a minor leaves French territory without a legal guardian, he or she must be in possession of an identity card. AST (authorization to leave the country). This document can be requested online, and must be completed by one of the holders of parental authority. When travelling, this form must be accompanied by a copy of the legal guardian's identity document.

⏳ How long is the Check-MIG valid for?

The Check-MIG is valid for the duration of the entry OR exit from Colombian territory.

🛂 What documents do I need to present at immigration in Colombia?

You will need to present your visa printed in colour (if your nationality is concerned), and your passport used to issue the e-Visa. You will also need to present your Check-MIG.

💉 What vaccinations are required to travel to Colombia?

The yellow fever vaccine is compulsory for travellers from Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Angola, as is entry to the national parks. However, consult the list of vaccines recommended for certain situations in Colombia.

🚨 What should you do if you've made a mistake in your application?

If you discover an error before sending your administrative documents, please indicate the correction to be made by sending these documents.

Beyond that moment, corrections can no longer be applied. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Once the document has been issued, the data cannot be modified.. You will need to submit a new application if your information differs significantly.

🙅🏻 Would you like to cancel your request?

Unfortunately, once paid, a Check-MIG request is not refundable. Please consult our General Terms and Conditions for further details. Please contact us for further information..

ℹ️ Is my personal information secure?

The data you enter on this site is protected and will only be used to obtain the document you have requested.. Our payment process is secure, and no banking information about you is stored on our servers.

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